Mattia Bua Testimonial

Mattia Bua: In June 2021 I was visiting someone that knows I call brother in Christ, Jean Pierre.
There there was another believer with us, Pietro ( Peter); it was Pietro that asked me if I would like to let Jesus Christ into my heart.

Did not take much time to make me say yes, already Jean Pierre had shared the gospel with me on numerous occasions. I always had a strong admiration for Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Savior. It took almost two years before that I got to be baptized, primarily because of the Covid outbreak. From then on, all seemed wonderful and at the same time hard. Wonderful to know that I was forgiven of my sins and belonged to Christ. Hard because I chose the straight and narrow way to follow.

I want to thank all of my brothers and sisters in Christ for their prayers for me and for accompanying me in this process. Also want to thank Pastor Giuseppe Collesano alongside brother Jean Pierre to have made my baptism possible. I am a new creation in Christ. Today I live my life conscious that I am a child of God. Again thank you for being alongside me with your thoughts and prayers.