Finding God’s Will For Your Life

Evangelism Syracuse, Sicily

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May 1-3, 2015

After our incredible weekend in Syracuse, Sicily, while waiting to board the plane I said to Sondra: How do you feel about leaving a great impact in the life of many leaders and believers in only 72 hours?

There are times in our life when we know deeply that we have accomplished exactly what God had in mind for us!

This weekend was exactly what I am talking about.

The churches in Syracuse were so hungry to learn more about completing the mission God had given them.

Many things had to change and change is brought about when three components take place.

  • First, people change when they are hurting so much that they want to change.
  • Second, people change when they are given the right information why they need to change.
  • Thirdly, people change when they have the resources provided to them for the change.

On Saturday night I spoke on the five laws of decline and the meeting went on long after midnight! Leaders put on the table all of their wrong assumptions and with humility, under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, committed themselves to turn the course of decline in their own life and in the life of their congregations and cities!

On Sunday morning we went to the old Greek Archeological site, where we contemplated the work of great men like Archimedes that made Syracuse one of the greatest cities of the Magna Greece! The leaders were able to spot all the five laws that brought about the decline of this great civilization and applied them to the situation of today.

In the evening the church was packed with hundreds of people and I spoke on how to find God’s will for your life! At the end numerous people gave their life to Jesus, God’s glory came down and the Holy Spirit filled the place!

On Saturday afternoon Sondra led a study for the women on how to keep the desires of their heart. Like Joseph we need to believe in God’s promises even if the journey seems pretty different from how we expected it to be. Our desires face detours, but those detours are His appointments and through them God leads us to our destiny!

What a joy to see many women come forward to embrace God’s destiny for their life! I just wished you were there with us, but in a way you were through your prayers and support.

I was also called by a local business man who asked advice on the big problems that his three daughters to whom he gave the business, were having.  After two meetings with them the situation turned around and we prayed right there before the employees and the joy of the Lord filled the place.

The owner asked me to send him the five laws of decline that climaxed with the plan of salvation because he wants to frame them and put them at the entrance of his business building!

Like Peter, when asked how I was feeling to see so many results, all I could say was — It is the Lord!!!!!

Until my next report!

Guy, Sondra and the IFC Team