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Hello everyone, we hope this will find you well and serving Our Lord. Please Be Encouraged, Joshua 1: 8-9.

We have seen and live in a world filled with turmoil and no hope unless WE share His Hope to the world. In the U.S.A we see all kinds of me first, riots, revolts, anger, hate towards others, the same is true here. Joshua needed ENCOURAGEMENT, and we need it too, it comes from His Word.

Here we are dealing with corruption, compromises, apathy at every level. I have never seen so many nationalities in one place, human trafficking, no respect for human lives, trading people for money, the root of all evil. We are expecting this year 250,000 refugees coming from the shores of Africa, 70,000 more than last year. So far, more than 2,000 have drowned at sea, that is an estimated number, plus the killings because of a different belief.


I had the privilege of taking around a group of missionaries who came to visit the situation here in Sicily. I took them into a couple of refugee camps which are all over Sicily. Firsthand they were able to see that with your help and the help of many have come to salvation and have been baptized.

In the next few weeks I will go and help baptize another big group. At the same time we have started a gofundme page to raise funds to buy clothes, shoes, food for the refugees. You can help by visiting the page at gofundme/ Collesano and donate or contact us at if you have any questions. Please remember that this is for helping refugees only and is not for our support.

Went to the West Coast of Trapani to deliver a full van of goodies for the refugees, next I will need a bigger van for them to get all that there is in the garage. It is refreshing to see the African church here how they worship, and it lasts for few hours. I have found a couple of churches here nearby, one in Siracusa and one in Catania. Here we are planning a trip with a caravan of minivans full of supplies to these camps real soon, our garage is full, and I need to make space. On Saturday I was able to buy 200 pairs of new pants for the refugees, to be delivered on Tuesday with food too, pray as we reach them with His Love.

Pennie is in California visiting Cristina for the month, the rest of the family is doing fine. My dental needs are coming to an end soon, but I still have few visits to the dentist. We rejoice with a friend of mine that on his birthday, his father accepted the Lord as His personal Savior, which is a Blessing and the greatest gift.

Also the bible studies have seen an increase in attendance, and the feedback is very positive, lives have been challenged and changed to Live the Life that He intended for us to Live.

Keep the prayers going, specifically for safety when meeting new people, for us that we serve faithfully, for health, for new partners, as the work increases the need for funds which is still evident. One thing we know for sure, He is there wherever we go, Joshua 1:9. Please also pray for our internet service which makes it hard to get reports to the states; I am having fun with it as it works on a whims. Life in the modern era. Etna has stopped erupting for now, and it snowed again on the top.

God bless you. Let’s Go fishing ( really ) for souls.

Serving together, Giuseppe & Pennie Collesano

Partnering with Italy for Christ