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Greetings from Sicily, where the weather is finally getting warmer and Mt. Etna is erupting as usual. We are thankful to all of you who pray and support us at Act Now Ministries.

This month is no exception to the ones before. It was a great month where God was at work in an awesome way. Joshua (Giosuè) Castronuovo, a future missionary to Sicily with his wife Virginia, visited Giuseppe for a week of ministry and location research for serving the Lord.

It was great to see him working even for the packing of goods for the needy on the island. After a great time spent with Joshua, Giuseppe traveled to Val D’Aosta near the French-Swiss border. This trip was in response to a plea from a believer with whom he was a roommate at the Italian Bible Institute in Rome a long time ago. Along the way with prepared stops, the Gospel was shared from the coastline of Sicily to Switzerland — more on that in the next letter.

The first stop was near Cerzeto in the Calabria region where a visit was made to thank a gentleman, Luciano, who had helped the Collesano’s when the volcano in Finland crippled the skies over Europe 10 years ago. We gave his wife a bible and she held it to her heart, saying “This is my Bible now.” We are forever grateful to Luciano, the helper that God put in our way. He was used by God so that we could finish our trip from north Italy to Sicily.

God is always at work. The same day, while eating a pizza, the owner of the pizzeria along with two Carabinieri (like the Sheriff deputies in the States) heard the Gospel. The next day, Massimo from the hotel where Giuseppe was staying heard the Gospel. And the trip barely started.

Italy is a beautiful country, a tourist attraction which needs to hear the True Gospel still today. Steeped in religiosity, far from God.

As you are aware, Act Now Ministries has served the call to the refugee crisis, so again we answered it. A stop near Florence was made to help a Nigerian pastor and provide him with the material needed to reach the ones that have ventured north from Sicily. Pastor Godwin was glad of the stop made there.

Next stop was to a place dear to the Collesano’s, where in 1986 they planted a church. The Dini’s were happy to rekindle and recount happier times gone by.

The weather was great all week long, even with a spell of high wind and hail near Milan.
Finally, we visited Val D’Aosta with breathtaking vistas of mountains, waterfalls, cows and the Alps in the distance. We held Sunday morning preaching at a small gathering church in Donnas where there is a great need for His Gospel. The evangelical presence is very small in this region of Italy.

We did some street evangelism with people visiting a local market. Also, we had an opportunity to serve Pietro (Pete), Giuseppe friend’s, by hosting an impromptu meeting and lunch with his neighbors before leaving for Switzerland. What a glorious afternoon.
Pietro took Giuseppe to share the Gospel to a friend of his. After a half hour knowing that Mark (Marco) understood that he was a sinner, he prayed to receive forgiveness and the Lord in his life. It was all worth it.

Next, Switzerland and Sardinia: more to come. We could not do it without you. We love you for the role that you play in our lives as we serve our Lord. God bless you.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.
Ciao for now.

Serving together,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano