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Psalm 46:1-2. God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear. Even though the earth be removed. And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea.

Greetings from still cold Michigan. We should be into the 70s by now. It seems that it is going to take more time to have more temperate weather here. In the midst of this social distancing and regulations, we are reminded that God is in charge. We hope that all of you had a blessed Easter with your loved ones. Even being separated, we did have a blessed time with family and friends by video.

This we remembered about a crown of thorns that Giuseppe made years back. He and another Giuseppe were visiting and sharing the Gospel in a village near us. During that time, he found a thorn bush and divided it to harvest some of the vines.

Well, try to do it without gloves on…those thorns are not forgiving. In other words, he shed blood from his fingertips. Remind you of something?

We are forgiven because of these thorns that our Lord wore instead of us. We have a reason to praise God because of it. Also because of the current situation, we have noticed that the church is alive, despite the empty pews. Italy was the hardest hit during this crisis. Do continue to pray for ANM and the work that continues there.

Pastor Godwin, one of our coworkers in Italy, is distributing the Bible that your generosity supplied for outreach near Florence. Not only did he give bibles but he also gave some money to supply food for people in need.

Your prayers and support are making it all possible. As we see and participate in church online, Giuseppe is conducting bible studies during the week by video. We ask you to pray for Mark Gaido, a new believer through the ministry of ANM in Italy.

This young Italian-Filipino man is hungry for the Word of God. During the week, we conduct these bible studies that so far have reached Sicily, North Italy, Germany and Michigan. Yes, we are staying at home for the moment but we are influencing across the ocean and across our yard.

As you can see, Belpasso is deserted at this moment. It’s like this all over Sicily and where we serve overseas. Still the battle rages around us…the battle to save one more for the One.

Discouraged? No, actually ENCOURAGED, because He Is Worthy to serve with you alongside with us. Again, we thank God for you in every remembrance of your faithfulness to our Father. We pray that this momentary affliction will make us all much stronger to go forward, unashamed of the Gospel of salvation. Some of these thoughts are borrowed from Paul’s writing (with his permission).

We love you and pray His blessing on you all. Thank you for loving us. Because you love Him.
God bless you.

Serving together,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.

Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.
Ciao for Now.