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Greetings to all of our dear supporters and praying warriors!

We want to thank you for your generosity and prayers for us during this difficult time with the pandemic. Pray for us for lots of patience in waiting for changes to happen overseas. A good change is that the volcano stopped erupting, so no more cleanup of the dust and ashes flowing down.

Belpasso became a red zone by order of the major because of a resurgence of the virus or a variant of it. Some of the regions are in the red and most of Italy is in the orange. So there are strict restrictions on movement even in the same town wherever you live. Also, there is a curfew at night that goes from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. We have been notified by the State Department to refrain from visiting/returning to Italy until further notice.

People are protesting in the streets because of these restrictions, which has caused the closure of many places of work. In the streets, people are confronted by the police but it seems so far that no violence has started. Pray for God’s guidance for the people in authority to make the right decisions.

As you might know, they stopped giving the Astra-Zeneca vaccine because of adverse reactions. Our coworkers in Sicily are waiting to receive another shipment of bibles for outreach. The bibles are already in Northern Europe and soon will be shipped to Sicily. We hope and pray that during this time of trials, the church will come out of it much stronger. Also, that each of us has grown in his or her faith closer to God.

He is in control and still desires that we bring fruit to His glory. Giuseppe’s family is doing fine and healthy with the addition of a grandson to the clan. We are thankful of the many blessings that our Lord gives us each and every day. It is a joy to be able to use technology during this time so we can continue to hold daily and weekly online Bible studies.

Do pray for the study with two blind Italians – yes, blind — by Internet, we meet once a week studying the Gospel of Mark. They use a machine that reads the notes of the study to them. Amazing! The young man, Mark; Italo Philippine is growing in the Word. We just started 1 Peter and we meet every day. The rest of the studies are English with some in Virginia, Sicily, and Connecticut. Keep on praying — prayer moves mountains.

The most difficult part is being unable to visit most of you, but hopefully soon. Again, thank you for your love and support. May God bless you abundantly.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.

Serving together our Lord and Savior,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Ciao for now.