May 2022

Wow!! God is good. Thank you for your prayers that are getting noticed and answered by our Father. It is always a delight when we can report to you about God’s faithfulness. We have been blessed beyond measure with a great team of prayer warriors and givers, so thank you.

Last month, we forgot to mention a special volunteer who returned to the States after her tour with the Marines. Our president Giuseppe Collesano was able to make a trip to Indiana to get supplies and renew a fellowship with donors and volunteers. The first stop was with Marc Eckel in Warsaw, Indiana. Great memories came alive visiting with Marc and his family, talking about his past mission trips with us in Sicily and the possibility to return there again.

We ministered to thousands of people because you prayed. Still room to do more soon. During the second leg of the trip, we met with Sargent Natalie Mullin, who served our country and returned back to Indiana. The best part of her tour was that she found her Savior in Spain, got baptized, then served in Sicily for three years. She became a volunteer for Act Now Ministries and helped quite a bit while being stationed overseas. We are very thankful how the Lord used her in Sicily. We asked all of you to pray for her and you did it. Now she is a civilian. What’s next? Pray for her future.

Another important event happened in April: the commissioning of Giuseppe Collesano at Grace Chapel in Waterford Michigan — another affirmation and consecration administered by the church leadership and an encouragement to continue serving. Because you prayed, We as a Team are more than conquerors in His Name. There is Power in His Name.

 As you well know, there is still a war going on in Ukraine. We have established a GoFundMe page for anyone who wants to donate towards relief to the displaced refugees in Sicily and other parts of Italy. Currently, Act Now Ministries is active in three different locations: two in Sicily and one in north Italy. Thank you for praying and supporting this endeavor. This is a special project and the funds will go toward that end.

We are thankful for all the volunteers who have come onboard so far. Because of who we are and what we are doing, even non-believers want to participate in donating. This gives us a great opportunity to share the Gospel with them also. And God is at work because you are praying.

Another great blessing is seeing Nia leave for Sicily on May 10 to begin her new career as a missionary under Act Now Ministries. Please do pray for her transition and adjustment in Sicily.
When you think that God can’t use you, think again. There is room for you to serve. Nia will help in a small church called Calvary Chapel Siracusa, teaching ESL (English as a second language) in the church premises with the gospel. Come and visit and envision how God can use you, empower you, and equip you to serve.

Again, thank you for interceding for us at the throne of Grace. God bless you.
As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano. Ciao for now.