May 2024 Newsletter

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Greetings from Sicily, faithful friends of the ministry of Act Now Ministries.

We thank you for your love and prayers that are very evident in the ways that our God works here. As we write this, Giuseppe is on his way to North Italy to teach and preach on evangelism. During the next week, he will visit co-laborers for the Kingdom of God in various locations. It is a multi-purpose trip to encourage, extort, empower and rekindle the love that our Lord has made possible for us to be present in many locations across the country.

Giuseppe left after having foot surgery and after two months he is finally able to wear regular shoes. Even in these circumstances, God is at work. God allowed him to be present at a funeral of a believer of long ago in the city of Castelvetrano. Mimmo Portanova went to be with the Lord just a few days after Giuseppe arrived. He was a member of the Italian church that Giuseppe pastored for four years. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to present the gospel of salvation at the funeral.

The majority in attendance were mostly non-believers. God was honored in this sorrowful occasion. Even with two different shoes and a swollen foot, Giuseppe was able to serve in Palermo at Pastor Antonio La Croce Church. Establishing fellowship with this lovely church will allow ANM to help in reaching the people around the church. It is a fresh challenge for the church as they moved to this location in January, where there are lots of low-income and homeless people.

We were able to help them to host a supper for the needy during March. This will allow the Word of God to be shared during these events. God is at work. Sometimes it is good to sit under another brother teaching on a particular subject: Men that can make a difference, a fresh look on the Epistle of Paul to Philemon. Last year, we were able to purchase English bibles for our brothers in need here in Italy and also in Nigeria. Most of the bibles have been given, as you can see from the pictures. A new generation has been preparing to share His love around the world, thanks to you who support the ministry.

Giuseppe’s and Pennie’s family is doing well and serving in various projects. Joshua serves with Seek Well in Michigan (you can find out more on their website). Cristina serves in the Navy. Benjamin serves at a local church and will be going on a mission project Out West. Thanks for praying for them.

Our volunteers keep busy in serving here as well, and we are grateful for the helping hand. Yesterday 4-30-24 was a great day for Giuseppe La China’s daughter. She graduated from the University of Catania with a title Doctorate, almost with full grades. She will continue her studies to further her education and curriculum.

Thanks for taking care of us through your prayers and giving. Please do pray for the upcoming trip for Giuseppe in the north, and for continuous healing for his foot. Pray for the Hamiltons in South Carolina and their future with ANM. Pray for the Younghans in Virginia and their desire to serve in Sicily with ANM. There are others under consideration also. God is at work. The harvest is ready, the laborers are few. Thank you for your love for the Lord.

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, serving together our Lord.
As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
God bless you. Ciao for now.