Hello guys here the report for May .
First of all thank you Betsy for the not so good news about our support, we will pray and serve still.
Matt 10:40-42
Again we are thankful and privileged to serve with you here in Sicily in expanding His Kingdom.
May started with Giuseppe still on meds for bronchitis, we are grateful to God that now he is doing much better and no more medicine is required .
With the help of some believers we are helping a local pastor in building him a lean to shed at his house (pics 1,2).
photo 1-4

photo 2-4

At the same time we are holding the Italian men’s study at his house too
( photo 3). It is great to see the willingness of these believers to want to grow and to encourage them to share their faith in their community.

photo 1-5
We are still collecting clothes and food for the needy and this allows us to share the Word (photo 4).

photo 2-5
The singles group that Giuseppe minister alongside with a brother from Texas is growing too. This past Tuesday they met at our house for a meal and study, again we see God’s hands at work in these young men’s lives ( photo 5,6).

photo 3-4 photo 4-2

Recently we received a blessing from a believer from Belgium , she has given us the use of her apartment in the town of Cefalu’ for a year where we can relax and regain strength and refuel. It is a two hour drive from Belpasso.
This has been a welcomed gift so we can allow ourselves to get away and spend sometime resting. By the way if you come and visit the apartment is available to you too.
This because you prayed.
Today after the market in Belpasso was asked to visit another town where to share the Word , 25 km from our place.
Continue to pray for us and for more partners that will come alongside with us here during a difficult economy.
We send our love to you and His blessing.
Partners because of Him.
Let’s go fishing( really) for souls.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.