winterIt has been a long, cold and snowy winter here in Michigan.  Three months have gone by very quickly, and the time approaches for Giuseppe to return to Sicily.

This week, Giuseppe finished teaching a Bible study on 1 John that he has been involved with these past few months with a small group of men. It will continue next week with another man leading the group.

A few weeks ago, he went with Benjamin to attend their Sunday worship service and had the privilege to meet up with a long time friend and coworker from his construction days, Vince D. It was a blessing to share the Gospel before the service and find out that one of his friends attends that church and that he and his wife would like to start attending there also.

A huge thank you to all of you who upheld our family during this difficult time. God has been awesome all the way. The day before Pennie’s mom passed away we were all gathered in her room singing to her all of the old time hymns that she loved to sing. George Beverley Shea was at the top of her list.  We returned to care for her and had the privilege to be by her bedside singing and saying prayers of thankfulness when Jesus came to take her home on January 24. Now she is cheering us on with a cloud of witnesses. Please continue to pray for the family for the days ahead during the grieving process, especially her husband Cal, as he goes forward without her after being together for more than 63 years.

As we look forward to our return to Belpasso, we would like to share a few prayer requests with you as we prepare for this New Year in our ministry.

  • The possibility of having an artist, a pastor/teacher, and a short term missions group come this summer
  • The possibility of forming a new Bible study with the Nato officers on the Italian Base
  • Plans to come together to team teach with Pastor Andrew from New Hope church to 20-30 Italians members of his church
  • Expanding our partnership with Pastor Murabito to help grow his small group of believers that meet in Belpasso

Giuseppe will return to Sicily on the 11th of February.  Pennie will likely stay for a month or so to help with her dad.

Please continue to pray for the ministry in Sicily and for the doors that are opening to us to serve Him. Your expression of love has been evident and your prayers ever so present when needed.

God bless you.

Let’s go fishing (really) for souls.

1 John 5:11-12