March 22-23 was chosen as we organized the National Conference of the Union of the Youth Of Conamad denomination in Italy, led by Ugo Sottile of Italy for Christ. More than 200 young people came to the conference and the theme was “Power For What?”

The two-day seminars were focused on how you use the power of the Holy Spirit in a sick nation.

The speakers were Pastor Francesco Romeo representative of the Congregational Churches in Italy who led the final evening and Pastor Lorenzo Biondi representative of the Elim Churches in Italy.

The work was carried out with a lot of dedication and participation by the young people who are now prepared to return to their churches making themselves available to evangelize the young of their own cities.

A wonderful thing that happened on Saturday afternoon when we went to Milan for a walk in the Subways. The young people stopped at the Cathedral of Milan to sing and preach seeing many people listen to the proclamation of the gospel!

On the final evening of the conference there was a complete consecration on the part of the young participants who asked The Lord to receive His power for the salvation of souls.

Pressing on together with you to reach this generation and the next.

Your Missionaries in Italy,

Ugo Sottile and the IFC Team