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October in Sicily is a month full of lots of activities all over. It’s grape season and then soon after, olive season starts. At this moment, the roads are busy with farming tractors with trailers hauling olives to the presses. Giuseppe’s family will do an olive harvest in November at their farm. We are hoping for nice weather!

We were blessed this month with the arrival of a few volunteers eager to serve alongside us. Lisa from Germany stayed for one month helping with the sorting of clothes in the warehouse. Kayla soon arrived to help with bible studies and assist in the warehouse. They really liked the opportunity to work alongside some of the Sicilian believers, trying to connect with them using some Italian words mixed with the German and American languages. You can imagine the silliness sometimes!

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Once in a while, we have a get-together at the farmhouse and always have lots of guests. This time we did it thanks to Lisa for her time spent with us.

Again, Carlos came from Germany for almost two weeks to volunteer and stay with Giuseppe. He did great work alongside David and Karla when we went to Siculiana to a First Wave camp. Here, the refugees stayed for only two days before being transferred to a permanent camp. We were pleased when some volunteers came to help us and shared their faith with the Sicilians and refugees. At this camp, we were able to share the Word with a contingent of police force and Army personnel.

We tried to fit in some sightseeing, too. This time, we went to Erice, an old Greek settlement, now a tourist attraction.

Giuseppe was asked to help in another bible study in Mazara del Vallo, 15 miles away. There, a group of 15 young Africans gathered to study God’s Word. It was a pleasant surprise to see them eager to study the Word.

Continue to pray for the ministry of Act Now Ministries in Sicily and beyond. We can’t do it without your help. We consider it a privilege to represent you to the ones that need to hear the Gospel.

Thank you for your continued support. God bless you!

Let’s go fishing (really) for souls.

Ciao for now!
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano