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Greetings from Sicily where now the temps are telling us that winter is here too. Mount Etna, the volcano, is covered with snow!

We have relocated near Catania where we can continue full force the ministry here in Sicily and Sardinia. Moving is always stressful and this time is no different. Moving is also strategically done in order to accomplish more with what we have.

The Lord, through a band of brothers, provided a used minivan to Giuseppe to be able to serve where needed. And it came as no surprise that on one occasion His Word was given to someone who needed to hear it.

One day, Giuseppe offered a ride to a farmer returning home after a day of work. Doesn’t seem like much, really. But after 55 years, he met a classmate from first grade that still lives on Giuseppe’s street in Castelbuono. He always had a desire to share with some of his boyhood friends. This was not a coincidence: Natale is one of them. God is good. Moving boxes gets you tired quickly. It’s better if a new friend and believer comes to help.

By attending a conference on refugees near Messina, Giuseppe was invited to preach in Campofelice di Roccella (Happy Field of Little Rock). The refugee crisis has diminished drastically with the new Prime Minister not allowing more migrant boats to reach Sicily.

Other European countries have also tightened their borders. Now the route that the refugee boats are taking is from Morocco toward Spain. Still, we do have a large population of refugees across the country of Italy but there is still a need. We have estimated that a large number of churches have been born, thanks to you supplying the Bibles through

The Africans here now cannot work legally until they have been granted a stay, either by political or religious asylum. This could take up to three years spent waiting on a refugee camp. It is also refreshing to reconnect with old friends and discover that our help for the local church is valued and appreciated.

Likewise, we shared about the need in Sardinia. The possibility of a partnership with a couple of local churches there is finally coming to a reality. Giuseppe took a trip there this month with the prospect of taking a group from Michigan in early Spring for two weeks of Evangelism and later on taking a group for a time of teaching and encouragement for the local believers. It was a blessed time in sharing our desires for Sardinia. To have and see a striving and growing church there was very moving.

What will be your part in all of this? Pray and consider how God can use you and your gift for His service. Each one of us is called in one way or another to share His or her faith. Pray with us that we will continue to share His message with love and clarity so that One more comes to Know The One who gave His life for ours.

We love you and pray for you, thanking God for such great partners He has given us.

God bless you.
Serving together Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.
Ciao for now.

Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.