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Greetings from Sicily! We at Act Now Ministries hope that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving.

It was a blessing for Giuseppe to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our countrymen and Italian friends at the house of Pastor Andrew. We really do appreciate your prayers and support for the ministry here. Your prayers are effective.

November seemed to be a washed-out month, with lots of rain that kept Giuseppe grounded for a while. Even with being stuck at the apartment because of the weather, it was a time to prepare for a bible study to be shared with the local churches. As you prayed for us, God was preparing more opportunities for Giuseppe to be used in many parts of Sicily.

We are in Sicily because of the people; people need the Lord. It was a great opportunity to share with Leonardo, a restaurant owner, who gladly received the Word and friendship of Giuseppe.

Also on a visit to the local market, Vincenzo gladly received the Gospel of Christ. He and his wife Maria, with plenty of smiles, asked how soon they will meet again. It has also been a month of sharing with lots of people from Romania. Mikela came from another town shopping and gladly received the Gospel in her language. The same for Daniel in Catania, a bread baker. After preaching in Scordia, Vittorio asked for a Romanian NT for one of his workers.

The same night Giuseppe met Blessing Andrew just outside the church where he was going to preach. She was looking for a church in which to worship. The following week with Pastor Salvatore, they visited the refugee camp delivering His Word to the refugees and the four Italian workers there.

Your prayers are effective. We are thankful to help the believers locally so that they can be a part of the ministry. Andrea helps by shipping clothes to a donation site where they will be distributed to people in need. We are here because of people. A visit in Ramacca was well received and people walked away with the Gospel. Also on a visit in Biancavilla, at a place that takes care of children of unwed mothers, the Gospel was well received. We are thankful for your prayers.

What do you do if a friend that you haven’t seen for a year invited you for pizza? Well, Giuseppe shared the Gospel with the entire group. What a blessing! God is at work. So far, we have shared in many churches about ANM where Giuseppe has been asked to preach. In fact, the calendar is already booked with invites from different parts of Sicily.

Would you continue to pray for wisdom, strength, and stamina in meeting these opportunities to serve? Our family is doing well in Michigan and Virginia. A few more weeks and it will be time to spend needed rest and refueling at home. We also hope to visit some of you once in Michigan.

We count it a blessing to serve our God here and we know we could not be here if you were not involved in our lives. Your prayers and financial support keep us going. We are here for the people. Yes, we are more than thankful during this season in serving our Awesome God. God bless you!

Serving together,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano with Act Now Ministries

As always : Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
Ciao for now.