November 2022

A big Thank You for your prayers and support! In the midst of fighting a stomach bug, I’m now on the mend. God did amazing things because you prayed.

Greetings from sunny Sicily where summer looks like it will never end. People are still swimming this late in the year. WOW! After the baptisms in Sicily, Giuseppe Collesano and Giuseppe La China left for a 12-day trip north to Valle D’Aosta. Along the way, we witnessed and shared the Gospel.

Our first stop was in Rome at IBEI, Giuseppe Collesano’s alma mater. There we rejoiced with the students and the faculty, and met the next generation of servants. There was a good interaction and we were blessed. We then repeated the visit when we came down toward Sicily. Another stop was with brother Godwin from Nigeria, north of Florence. He opened up his house to us in a very humble way, treating us to a Nigerian supper and a hearty breakfast.

We blessed him with lots of material for his ministry there. You should have seen him beaming with joy because of your giving hearts and love. Later on, we shipped him more material for children. That’s because you prayed for us and He answered us in a marvelous way. Praise God.

From there, we ended up at our destination for the baptism of Mattia. Giuseppe C. preached on Sunday, the same day of the baptism that was held in a backyard. Jean Pierre inflated a borrowed kiddie swimming pool.

The water was lukewarm; the joy of the Lord warmed up all of us. The video will be available soon on the mission’s website. Praise the Lord. All of that was followed by a luncheon afterward. Thank you for providing the means for that. During our time in Valle D’Aosta, next to France, we had many opportunities to share the Gospel and even do some counseling.

Sometimes there are difficult situations that we have to deal with. Thanks to God, His Word Is always ready to bring comfort.

Next stop was dear to Giuseppe Collesano — memories of service in the late 80s for a restful two days there — never missing a beat when the occasion presented to share. Another short visit two hours north and Giuseppe C. met brother Augustine to leave him material to evangelize the Italians and his own from Nigeria.

He got to work the next day as you can see from the smiling faces; love is contagious. We were able to travel to another meeting in Chieti to meet Pastor Tonino Memme. Both Giuseppe C. and Tonino graduated from the same school in Rome IBEI, which is run by the Greater Europe Mission. After 43 years, it was a glorious reunion.

Then, we had a long trip home with a short overnight stop at IBEI in Rome. The little Opel Meriva all in all did so far 8500 km or 5300 miles with no hiccups. Thank you for praying. Now in Sicily recuperating and continuing His work.

Giuseppe C received a plea for help from a brother in Palermo. There is a need for housing for a family of six near our place. This happened on Wed the 25th. Little Salvatore of two years of age will need open heart surgery. A short prayer for a fast answer. In less than three hours, the Lord provided an apartment a mile away from the hospital free of charge for as long is needed.

We serve a mighty God. Because you are praying. Yours truly Giuseppe C. was able to share His Gospel and His Hope to the entire family. The La Corte family (The Court family) are very receptive to His Word, still reeling how God answered their prayer. Continue to pray for the family.

Salvatore had the surgery which went well, and he recuperated in the ICU. He then moved in with his mother in a regular room. WOW.

God is good. Again, we end this letter praising God and your faithfulness in supporting His work here.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
God bless you.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, president of Act Now Ministries
Ciao for now
To God be the glory