A big ciao to all our faithful partners in His work and ministry in Sicily and beyond.
We are reminded by the apostle Peter that we are pilgrims here on earth.
1 Peter 1:1-5 ; yes pilgrims but not forgotten.
Here’s the fresh news for the month of October: because we are selfish, God has blessed us with a new grandchild! Levi Joseph was born to Joshua and Rachel Collesano. Was awoken early morning on Monday with this blessed news. Everybody is doing fine, thank you for your prayers. Emery and Ashland are happy with their little brother’s arrival.
October started with a discipleship conference in Marsala where we brought our Nigerian pastors for a time of learning. Also, like you already know, has been pivotal in supporting the ministry here to a tune of 5,000 bibles. Felix is very happy to have his “personal bible” and is able to study it in a local church near Naples, 500 miles north of us.

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I was privileged to baptize 15 on the 5th of October. They waited for me and David to get here so that we could baptize them. David has been of great help in driving and distributing food and clothes to the needy. Here he is unloading a truck full of milk and tomato sauce. This camp contains 1,300 refugees from around 20 nations. These are real migrants — for three months, they will be picking harvest in the region, then moving on to another harvest on the island. We facilitate the Italian Red Cross with basic needs, beds, food, clothes and more. After the baptisms, we held a communion service for the entire church, stressing the importance of changed lives with the Gospel of Christ.
How old do you need to be to donate? Sonia, the little 7-year-old, wanted to donate her toys to children in need. We had a request for a group of autistic children, so that they can interact better.
Again on the 26th of October, we baptized 20 men and 3 women, one of whom was pregnant with child.
Twice we have been at the beach, and in the water in October, anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of the sea, especially late in the year!
God has been at work in many lives here because you prayed.
I would like to finish this report with the words of a friend of mine who is now with the Lord. These words became a sign-off for me: Let’s go fishing (really) for souls.
The apostle Peter was called to go fishing for men. I hope that you also are responding to His call on your life.
God bless you.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Serving together our Awesome God.
Ciao for now.