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Dear friends and supporters of the ministry of ANM:

Greetings from Sicily! It’s unseasonably warm for this time of the year here with floods in the north, but recently we had a couple of big storms that resulted in damage all over Sicily. Here it is the season for the pressing of the olives, so it’s a daily occurrence to see tractors and cars going back and forth from the olive pressers.

The Mt. Etna volcano is still erupting, creating some delays at the Catania airport, so people are getting accustomed to that. All of that, combined with the dust that falls regularly from the sky, has made this quite a busy month. But there is never a month where we are not busy conducting His work!

Giuseppe visited a couple of places and shared His Word with many along the way. He met Silvia and Daniele in Piazza Armerina at the Roman ruins. Then, he was a guest at the local Christian church sharing information about Act Now Ministries. He then went on to Partinico to visit a friend of a friend (a retired priest) as well as his nephew; on the same day, he did ministry at a refugee camp.

Like always, there is the picking of the olives at Giuseppe’s parents’ farm. This trip was meant not only to do some harvesting of the olives, but also to help some missionaries and local churches along the way — unless something goes wrong of course. When people comment on his car, Giuseppe tells them it is God’s car. This time it seemed that there was a big problem with the car: the steering stopped working before he got to the highway.

There was a mechanic nearby, but was of no help. He explained that lots of things needed replacing and there was some spilled liquid on top of the engine that looked like oil but was actually water. By then it was Saturday and closing time. Before calling it quits, he called a friend that does body repairs.

By the way, the steering resolved itself so the car was at least drivable. So, we added water, took a leap of faith and drove the two-and-a-half-hour trip, stopping in Nicosia to help the local missionary. There was no trouble with the car, but trouble navigating a tight street. We asked a driver passing by for help and Luigi came to the rescue, even helping Giuseppe find his way out of town.

Giuseppe shared the gospel and gave a New Testament bible to Luigi, who then offered to get a coffee at the local bar. Another person paid for both coffees! God is good.

Upon arriving to Castelbuono, the local missionary pastor helped Giuseppe find the problem with the car. A pinhole in a small hose was the culprit for the water spilled on the engine. The total cost of the repair was just $25. God is good. Well, it is His car after all.

Going to Palermo to help local believers with evangelistic material is always a great job. We met Giulio that gave us food for the needy and Vincenzo his helper. Giulio is mentoring Vincenzo just out of jail after asking the judge to release him in his custody for rehabilitation. God is good. We were invited to preach in Castelvetrano, where we ministered for three years during the refugee crisis.

We traveled to the city of Collesano to visit a church and Giuseppe, Mimmo and Susanna shared there. Then at 5 p.m., we preached in Castelvetrano to a good number in attendance where Mimmo shared his testimony. It was good to have Mimmo and Susanna come along where their talents could be shared with others. God is always good.

It is a privilege to serve our Lord wherever we find ourselves. The Apostle in the letter to the Romans says: how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

It is our responsibility to follow in the calling on our lives to serve the ones around us.
We thank and appreciate your love toward us as we diligently continue the ministry and the calling in our lives.

God bless you.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano with Act Now Ministries

As Always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for The One.