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Greetings prayer partners and supporters of Act Now Ministries!

It seems Autumn has finally arrived here in Michigan. We still have more days like summer on the horizon. Always a whirlwind of activities in our lives…the same we hope for you all. We had an opportunity to have guests from Washington State here with us for a week. Gabe and Lisa Gasporra spent a few days with us and met with some of our neighbors up here on the island. We had plenty of time talking and reminiscing about the past and looking forward. They loved the island. It was great to see them. We visited with the Curries downstate as well.

Great time was had by all. We even went to see the Tigers beat Tampa Bay in Detroit. Lots of fly balls — close but no luck in catching any. We discussed about the possible return to Sicily in the new year. Things overseas are a bit crazy to say the least. A new decree was issued and will take effect October 15. Protests are going on all over about people needing a green pass to go to work or even to enjoy life. It’s the only European nation requiring this kind of passport.

Also, we discussed the future trimming-down of time spent in Italy for Giuseppe our President of Mission. Because of the interest in our mission, we suggested that Giuseppe take an active role in recruiting future missionaries for the ministry in Italy. There is another family that would like to join ANM as missionaries; they are already ministering in the Philippines. Continue to pray for the Castronuovos in Switzerland who are going through a difficult time in their lives. Let’s remember the lion that goes around trying to devour even His children if he could.

Please pray for Kayla In Pennsylvania. The pandemic has prevented her to visit and continue seeking the will of God on her life for future ministry with ANM.

Good news from our coworkers in Sicily. After helping with the refugees from Afghanistan, they have already left Sicily for a destination that the State Department has decided for them. We are grateful to our Lord for bringing His servants into His field.

We ask you to pray for one that has been a part of the ministry in Sicily. Natalie Mullin accepted the Lord in Spain while on duty there and was baptized there three years ago. She since came to Sicily and became of great help for ANM and much more. She got involved alongside Giuseppe La China and Isidoro Cavallaro and together they have continued the work in the absence of Giuseppe due to the pandemic restrictions. She just returned to the States and separated from the Service as a Marine Sargent. Do pray for her as she begins a new adventure with most of her time dedicated to studying for a college degree.

God has big plans for her too. We pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in her life. In the meantime, she is enjoying time with family and friends, and the story continues…

Great news from our partner church in Sardinia with another six being baptized in the Mediterranean Sea. The church is growing and needs more space. In 2017, we visited and ministered there and even back then more room was needed to grow. They have a desire to purchase a parcel of land where they can locate the church body for meetings. Also, they are preparing for more baptisms with the youth group that is growing and learning about the opportunity to all be baptized and share their faith publicly. Great news for sure.

We are called to multiply ourselves in others with the message of the Gospel. Once He has called us, He also sends us again into the world from which we came out, so that they might be saved.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.
Thank you and God bless you.
Giuseppe Collesano President of Act Now Ministries
Ciao for now.