October 2022 Newsletter


It has only been a week here and I already have 2300 km, close to 1800 miles, on my car!

Greetings from Sicily, where I have been up and running in sharing His Word every day. God is good and at work. Again, thank you for your prayers and support; we can’t emphasize it enough. Only with you, we can do it, us and you, serving our Lord.

In early September, we had the privilege of officiating the wedding of Ryan and Julie in Petoskey. It was a blessed time where God was honored and we shared again His message of Hope for those present. Another privilege was the opportunity to serve Grace Chapel of Waterford in pulpit supply on the 18th; then we left on the 20th for Sicily.

It was a bittersweet ciao to family and friends. I could not leave without the encouraging words of my wife and best friend Pennie — the Love of my Life. God has truly blessed us and Act Now Ministries with the privilege of serving overseas, as we are coming up on our 18th year. God is good. The plane ride was long but rewarding.

Shared the Gospel with Nam, an engineer from Vietnam, as well as a couple from Argentina, and practiced my Spanish at the same time. Many others that were going on vacation heard that too, and His Word will not come back void. Pray.

The effects of the pandemic are clearly evident; the economy is in disarray. I hear that people were ending their lives because they could not pay basic necessities like electric bills, gas, or even water. Share His Hope and salvation as we have the opportunity to do so. Pray please.

So far, His Word has been received gladly — amazing, truly amazing. I wish you were here to see it!

I rekindled my friendship with Nino, a marketeer. He asked me to come to his house and share with his wife Concetta — that’s a first. God is good. Also, God’s Grace is evident where I am renting until a suitable place can be found. We also want to find an Italian office for the mission. Pray.

The Motta family has responded well to His Word but there is still lots to do. Pray.

Four days after arriving here, Giuseppe Collesano and Giuseppe La China baptized Girolamo and Mark in the Mediterranean Sea. It was a day of rejoicing because of the testimony of Girolamo, who has been studying with Giuseppe Collesano and Mark. He traveled from 2000 km away to get baptized with the assistance of Giuseppe La China. Praise the lord. Another baptism will take place the week of the October 15/22 in northern Italy by Turin. Pray.

We showed Mark a little of Catania and some gelato (ice cream). At the same time, we met two people from Poland: Pavel (Paul) and Agata. The next night, we met again and shared more of the Gospel of Grace in the wee hours of the next morning. His Word was well received and we pray for their salvation. We were invited to visit them in Poland and are waiting for the leading of the Lord on that. We are communicating with them and doing follow up. Pray.

From the 13th on, we will be visiting many contacts in Italy, culminating with the Baptism of Mattia. We truly thank you for standing in the gap with us.

Pray also for the Sanchez family visiting here to see if God will direct them to serve alongside Act Now Ministries.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
God bless you richly.
Serving together our Awesome God,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, President of Act Now Ministries
Ciao for now.