October 2023 Newsletter

November Newsletter

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Wow, what a month to remember, for sure. We are very thankful for your prayers and support more than ever.

I do like to save money…who doesn’t? Yes, I saved quite a bit but also lost my connecting flight from Istanbul to Catania, along with another 100 people. Sometimes not all circumstances are bad; you just have to make the best of them. Giuseppe did exactly that. While waiting for the flight the next day, he took the delay as an opportunity to share the gospel with a fellow passenger. Ksenia traveled from New York to Catania for vacation and heard the gospel. God is good. We do appreciate your prayers for her; she has long returned back to the States now. We do keep her in our prayers.

Well, still we were not in Catania yet. We were diverted to Palermo with the possibility of taking a three-hour bus ride to Catania because of a blown tire on a previous flight, so lots of planes landed in Palermo. Two hours later, we flew back to Catania flying above Castelbuono and places familiar to Giuseppe; not before sharing with the steward and stewardesses. Take a bad day, give to God and He will do the rest.

The move to the new place was put on hold for few days for a trip to Napoli (Naples), an eight-hour drive from Belpasso where we were invited to a seminar conference on how to reach the Muslim population there. Not only did we speak but Act Now was also able to provide all the literature for the event and following outreach for free. God is truly good. A pallet arrived from Germany under Giuseppe’s request, free of charge. Please give glory to God with us.

Also, we purchased more literature than was needed. We also spoke in a couple of churches about the ministry of our mission. We were invited back to Napoli later on to help a group of churches.

Do you like gelato? We had the opportunity to enjoy a couple of cups of it. Delicious. But you have to remember: this was a delicious opportunity to share the gospel, and later on send a few bibles to the ones that heard it. God is good. On the night that we went to Napoli central station, Giuseppe shared the Gospel with a young African named Unity. He accepted the slots right there in the square. That’s because you’re praying. Thank you.

Also we, by chance, discovered an African church surrounded by four mosques in less than a square mile. We met Pastor Salomon and blessed him with a box full of English New Testaments. You should have seen his smile of appreciation, as you can see from the group photo. God is good. Not only that, but the main speaker came from Ireland, serving under SIM (Sudan Interior Mission).

He invited Giuseppe to visit him and share at his church there. Do pray for this continuing fellowship in trying to present the gospel and reaching one for the One. Well, we are not done yet. November is busier than ever. Do pray for all of them in Sicily. Giuseppe had a bout of bronchitis, now in remission. God is our supplier and we praise Him even in these circumstances. We acknowledge that by ourselves we cannot do it, and we are thankful for your prayers and support. Always we pray for you that our God will mightily bless you and keep you.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for The One. Fishing is really good here.
Serving together,

Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano with Act Now Ministries
Ciao for now