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With only a 10 day notice what a magnificent time they had! When a great team from the University found out that their plans to go to northern Italy for evangelism were squashed the hunt was on for help. BOH who was working with them suggested they get ahold of Gaetano and Italy for Christ, which they did.  Of course Gaetano said of course we will help and you will be a blessing to us!

And so Gaetano called his dear friend Francesco who immediately agreed and received the team with only 10 days’ notice. They were waiting outside the school to distribute La Mia Storia. Through it all, the team experienced lots of love and lots of teaching about being a missionary.

Below I hope you will enjoy reading the great reports from some of them!

Subject: ORU Missions Team to Sicily’s Experience

Hey Guy! Here are just a couple of our members’ experiences and stories from the trip thus far.  It’s been an incredible journey and we’ve learned a lot. Excited to share these experiences with you.  Francesco is an amazing brother and it has been a joy to get to know him and see his passion for this city.  It has been a growing experience for all of us and I am thankful for this opportunity.  I have added this place and this ministry to my prayers.  Thanks again for everything!

– Daniel Jones

Being here has been such an awesome experience. There were two really big situations that have impacted my life. The first being, how large God’s love is. Coming into a different culture I almost expected people to be stand-offish, but it was completely different. I have never felt more love from people in my life.  This brings me great joy because love is something I struggle with, but my time here in Sicily, has shown me that God’s love is unbreakable, even if we do not speak the same language.  I will continue to pray for Sicily, and the people here, in that their love will continue to shine to other people and that their love will show God’s greatest love to everyone. The second experience that has really impacted my life was visiting the refugee camps. This experience really opened my eyes to how ungrateful I am. The people we encountered were living in the worst conditions, but yet for me to complain about not having my luggage was a disgrace. I truly feel that being humble and grateful is more than just a word, but it is an action.  In this, I will continue to pray for the refugees here in Sicily, that they will be able to see God’s love even in the darkest of places.

– Keli Lamberg

This trip has been such an amazing experience for me. It is my very first mission’s trip ever and I could not be more grateful for the experiences I have had here in Sicily. I think the thing that impacted me the most while we have been here is being able to see our contact’s unending efforts to not only meet our needs but the people of Italy as well. Our contact, Francesco, has poured his whole heart and all of his efforts into making this experience amazing for us. He and his many friends and family members have been helping make this trip a success since the day we arrived. Their efforts are a clear reflection of the Christ-like character that we should have.  Seeing the love and care they show towards us every day has been such an inspiration. They not only work hard to serve us but also serve the Lord. Seeing the way they act has inspired me to serve others the same way they serve us day in and day out. Their service to the Lord is incredible but the strong faith they display along with their passion for prayer has been such a blessing to witness. The prayers I have witnessed here have inspired me to pray as they do, with passion, conviction, and faith.

-Mitchell Day

If you need anymore, let me know! Thanks again and God bless you. – Daniel Jones

Aren’t these reports from just two of the huge team glorious and don’t they just touch your heart to know that it is because of your partnership with us, these youth will one day be the next generation missionaries!

Together for the cause of Christ!