Dear friends,

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After the fruitful conferences held with Equip, and have obtained personal achievements in leadership that has been entrusted to us, I reflected and sought new strategies to use, to continue to grow in our personal preparation and better able to carry out our role of leaders in the field that has been entrusted to us.

So I managed to find a strong resource in LIFE: an international organization that is providing a strong thrust to countless leaders throughout the world, equipaggiandoli is the extension of their organizations.

LIFE provides information and tools for change in 8 categories, in which each of us invests his life. The categories are:

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Finance
4. Fitness
5. Freedom
6. Leadership
7. Friendship
8. Free Time

The driving philosophy is that change and improvement require time and strengthening constant. For this reason, the program includes a preparation through regular doses of teaching and resources, coated in time and sent monthly to its members.

This method enables you to focus on one program at a time and go to the next only after having obtained successes at personal levels, through the application of the previous.

New habits produce new actions, which then become a successful model in individual lives.

For this reason I have in my heart to organize a meeting the February 8, 2014, to have our first conference and presenting the principles contained in the bestseller translated into more than 100 languages. Launching a Leadership Revolution (Launch a revolution of Leadership).

Of course, I would expect your participation and your comments via email, to get more information in case my communication is not fulfilling all of your questions!

Dear loved ones this coming year is going to be such a blessing to thousands. We count it quite an honor to serve our Lord with you and we pray that your faithful support will continue to help us reach a nation in such a strategic location, to reach out to the world before our time is come. God Bless You!