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Act Now Ministries September 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters:

PDF Report With ImagesHello everyone, we hope you had a blessed summer. Here in Sicily where I arrived last night, summer continues on. It has not rained since April here; thus, some harvest has suffered greatly. Farmers had to harvest one month before the usual time; otherwise, all would have been lost. Too much rain in Texas and none here, so we keep on praying for those affected by Harvey.

As a family, we are thankful to the Lord for spending precious time together this year on an extended leave from Sicily. After we moved our daughter to her new home in Virginia, we spent time in Michigan with various groups and churches, and then our favorite place up north: Bois Blanc Island. There, work was waiting for Giuseppe, including plumbing, remodeling one bathroom, some flooring in the hallway and kitchen, and more. For the first time in 36 years, Giuseppe spent the longest time with his family there. It was time well spent even doing some work.

Bible Farm, Bible Road, the North Shore with the Cross: To most of you, these are probably places unknown. To us, these are familiar places. These remind me about our walk with the Lord. We read and we walk and we talk, yet we are surrounded by sin. When we drive past these places, peaceful places on the island, we are still surrounded by sin.

Always at the end of Bible Road, you come to the Cross on the North Shore, refreshing, it is paid, my sin and yours.

The Lord left us, you and me with a purpose, that all might know him no matter where we are. Here in Sicily, it is hot and dry; in Texas, it seems they got all the rain needed here for a couple of years. These trials remind us that no matter what happens, He is with us all the days of our lives, Matt 18:18-20.

It was bittersweet leaving Michigan after some time with family and friends, but like the parched land around me here, it is the same with people’s hearts, thirsty for His Word. Know that your prayers are vital to the ministry of Act Now Ministries. We can do it together, to reach one more.

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God bless you!
Always, let’s go fishing (really) for souls

Yours in Christ,
Giuseppe & Pennie Collesano