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Dear prayer warriors and faithful supporters of the ministry:

Here it is, a little report for you to rejoice and pray for the work of Act Now Ministries. Even being home for most of the summer, it seems time flew by too fast. Giuseppe spent a very meaningful time of rest and work with his family, some in Michigan and some in Virginia. 

Between bible studies and preaching engagements, we celebrated our 38th anniversary together. What a blessing. That’s hard sometimes when you miss some special dates in your life. This time it happened that there was a delay in departure for few weeks because of taking care of matters related to ANM.

God is gracious in putting people in our path that provide insight and wisdom. Some of these people are in a couple of photos from a Tuesday morning bible study held in Troy MI. This group has been vital to ANM throughout the years, and we are very thankful to God for their hearts and desire to serve God alongside ANM.

If you remember, it all started when I asked if someone could provide some bibles for the refugees. You know the story: 13,000 bibles later and many more are getting involved in it, including many indigenous African churches all along the big leg and boot of Italy. Sitting at the Bible study, Giuseppe also shared that even more churches got started outside Italy.

Six months ago, he received a request from Germany from a refugee for an English bible which was provided by a university student who worked with Giuseppe in Sicily. Your prayers, financial support and some of you coming to help physically in Sicily and Sardinia are all bearing long-lasting fruits all over Europe. God is good. 

Giuseppe has returned to Sicily and after a little jet-lag he is ready to go get them. The work is not finished yet!

Prayer is the most powerful tool in our hands, let’s use it to advance His kingdom. We do covet ardently your intercession for us at His throne in honoring God and honoring your faithfulness.

Thank you for your love and prayers.
God bless you…and as always, Let’s go fishing (really) for One more for The One.
Ciao for now, your servants with ANM.
Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano.