Dear Loved Ones,

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I pray and expect this email finds all of you under the blessings of our good Lord!

As for me and Sondra, we took advantage of our sky miles points and the one bedroom apartment that Sondra’s dad has in Maui, to gather the entire family for a family reunion!

Spending time with Nico was my priority. What a blessing he has been for all of us. Many times during the day I laid hands and prayed for Nico. Jennifer is doing great and has grown so much becoming a great mom for Nico and providing for him! Thanks for all of your prayers!

Regarding the ministry, I am trying to make new connections in order to get new support for our mission. It hasn’t been easy but we must have faith that God, with the call, provides the support to accomplish His mission!

The emerging leaders I have been mentoring are producing so much fruit!

Alessandro Iovino that I have put together with Senator Lucio Malan led a team to the Ivory Coast this summer. Every day he sent me reports of his ministry there making provisions for many orphans and teaching local leaders who live under persecution for their faith!

Yes , our dream to see Italians launch out to the mission field has become a reality, providing spiritual and financial support from Italy to believers in the most forgotten areas of the world!

The leaders of the youth ministry Generation without Borders that we have supported and led for the past 4 years with youth events touching the thousands have accepted the challenge to start a new church in Naples. They have found a place that can host up to 600 people. They are making this place into a church place, working around the clock. The meetings in the many cell groups see many people receiving Christ every week! We will have the opening of the church building the last weekend in November.

I have spoken with the leadership team of Hillsong London in order to create a partnership between them and the newborn church in Naples. They are so excited to come down for the inauguration of the church and start a sister church relationship that according to my plans will be a model for many more to come in the next few years!

Needless to say, our vision to equip, train and support these emerging leaders and their ministry is a winning model that brings so much joy to my soul! Please rejoice with me as together we are being used of God to produce a fruit that remains.

I talked with Paul Walker from One Hope. The new revised magazines for the youth have been completed. As you all know IFC has a great part in this project providing all the details to make this project success. So now we will have 250,000 magazines to distribute to all of our churches for ministry distribution in 2014!

Even with our limited financial resources, God still uses IFC to make historical impact in the nation of Italy and beyond.
It is my prayer that this report will encourage and inspire you to press on in your support and participation to a ministry that is right in the heart of God! We are bringing lost souls to the kingdom, training them for ministry and using them to impact a nation! Your partner in God’s winning team! Gaetano Sottile