The Story of Little Salvatore

Salvatore and Family

In 2020, Romina was planning for the arrival of her third son Salvatore.  During a routine visit with the gynecologist, it was discovered that Salvatore had a vein that was blocking blood flow to his heart. The OBGYN suggested to her and her husband to have an abortion in the sixth month, stating the baby had no chance of survival. The family already had two twin boys, Gabriele and Alessandro. After many consultations, the decision was made to carry through the pregnancy. Another doctor encouraged them that surgery might take care of the problem. Salvatore was born in September 2020 three hours away from home in the town of Taormina on the eastern coast of Sicily. When Salvatore was 15 days old, open-heart surgery was performed to fix the vein. It seemed that all was well for a time. Two years later, however, the blockage occurred again. Another open-heart surgery was needed to fix the problem.

Act Now Ministries has been serving in Sicily since its inception with the purpose to save one more for the One. “We serve anyone that needs His love, evangelizing and helping people in need with the love of God and sometime in practicality, whether it’s food, clothing, other basic necessities, and more”.

On October 25, 2022, Giuseppe Collesano of Troy, Michigan, the President, and a missionary in Sicily with Act Now Ministries, received a plea from a food bank in Palermo. The caller, Giulio, asked, “Pastor Collesano we have an emergency, can you help? There is a need of housing for the family of little Salvatore.”

Through Act Now Ministries network in Sicily, Giuseppe searched for housing. He made a call to a local leader, Angelo, he had met 4 years prior, not knowing if he would answer. Angelo had an apartment available and agreed to allow the family to stay. Later that night, they met the family and presented them with a fully furnished apartment only 1 mile from the hospital, free of charge. Our God Is Good.

Act Now Ministries is more than just a name – it’s a call to act and share the love of Jesus Christ to people who are in need. We prayed with the family and left them in their new housing. Two days later, Salvatore underwent a successful surgery. This was his second major heart surgery in his two years of life. Four days later they were back in Palermo thanking the Lord for Act Now Ministries.

In August 2022, before leaving for Sicily, Giuseppe met with the Rochester Hills, MI Culver’s restaurant manager, Christina Johnson, who donated 50 soccer balls to Act Now Ministries. In the first photo, Salvatore is holding a Culver’s soccer ball. More tests will be needed in the future to see how he progresses, but one thing remains, the power of prayer and action. God answered their prayers and provided them with housing to be close to their young son during this time of need.

We are privileged to serve our Almighty God that uses each one of us for His Glory. Thank you for supporting us in sharing His love with the ones that need it most. God bless you.

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