How wonderful to be able to minister in a local church in the US, especially if this is the Church where Sondra and I had our first crusade and recruited the best prayer warriors ever!

Rock of Ages Lutheran Brethren Church doesn’t have a pastor and is looking for one. However in the midst of the church there are great Christians who want to serve The Lord anyway they can. So I came and did a leadership training that, to my surprise, had a full house both on Tuesday and Wednesday. From 7:00 pm until 9:30 pm, after a great snack, we discovered how to put the dream and mission that has been given to each one of us to the test.

All I can say is that the participants soaked in those principles so much so that even in their talking during the week it was evident how they were already applying those principles in their life!  Applying good principles intentionally and every day is the secret of growth and I expect great growth at Rock of Ages.

Then on Friday night we had a youth rally and a concert that lifted our spirit!  Seeing the band playing and singing while testifying how The Lord saved them from the pollution of the world, made singing Amazing Grace so real during that night!

I spoke on the One-Eye Christian, who sees Jesus as Savior and not as Lord!

Many ask why their life is so dull and frustrating. The answer is that without the lordship of Christ in our life we will never accomplish the unique mission God has assigned to each one of us!

On Sunday morning we discovered how the beatitudes influence our attitude, which is a choice we make every day, and determines our approach to life and turns problems into blessings!

At the evangelistic evening service we had the joy to hear the testimony of Brother Karl Payne, the chaplain for over 21 years for the Seattle Seahawks! What a blessing he was!  The main point he made was that the Super Bowl champions were Christians who happened to be football players! We all are first of all Christians with a mission to accomplish right where God has placed us!
I am developing my relationship with Dr. Payne in order to bring him to Italy and start a chaplain ministry among sport teams there. Please pray !

I preached from Revelation 22:17 and I called my message : The Last Invitation of Jesus!  In the midst of the judgment of God on the world, God didn’t want to close that book without giving one last invitation! God – inviting people to Himself is the heart beat of the gospel and should be the heartbeat of each and every one of us!

Thank you for your prayers and support. I felt like each one of you was there supporting my services for The Lord as, once again, I tried hard to add value to others!

Guy and the IFC team