Update from the Collesanos – Sicily February and March 2014

Giuseppe returned to Sicily and was extremely happy to have 70 degrees greet him because when he left Michigan it was minus 20 degrees! What a difference. It was a long trip, and returned home to find no gas or electricity for almost a week.  God bless the friends who let him stay with them for the week until the utilities were restored.  Finally by the following Friday I was able to sleep at the house.

Here in Belpasso I am helping Pastor Giuseppe Murabito and his little church in reaching the town and the area around it. The Lord allowed him to mentor a few young men here and at the same time adding these new ones to the Tuesday night study.

On Sunday I participated in two services, one in Belpasso and the other one in Messina.  While in Messina, Giuseppe met one of Gaetano’s good friends, Pastor Angelo Maiorana.  He spoke highly of Gaetano and how God used Gaetano for his salvation.  It was a great opportunity to get to know new pastors who know Italy for Christ’s ministry so that we can partner with them for future ministry.

Saturday we went to Messina for a pastors meeting with Pastor Croce, and he also sends his greetings to you Guy. This Sunday here in the Belpasso Church, where Pastor Murabito pastors, five came forward to accept the gift of salvation! Praise the Lord because you were praying!

On Sunday night we went to Floridia in the province of Siracusa at Pastor Russo’s church. We took food for his family and shared with the church The Word.  It was a real blessing for them that we were able to come and take part in the service.

After a couple of earthquakes and bad weather Mt. Etna (the lady) looked so beautiful covered with snow.  It is still a bit cold here.  The first part of March went well, we hosted Dan Meyers with Pilgrim Road Ministry here.  We also held a concert at the Navy base, a seminar on worship and a couple of services.

This summer we would like to do from May 29 to June 25 all over Sicily a project which is called The Wall done by The SplatExperience.  Please feel free to contact Marc to help provide for their work or go to some of their links listed here: E-mail:

Above All:

The Sacrifice:

Truth (with Casting Crowns):

No Greater Love:


Pray that the local churches, towns will give the necessary permits to evangelize.

Thank you for praying for Pennie as she stayed in Michigan to help her dad during this time of grief. She got back to Italy on the 20 of March and it was hard leaving her dad and the grandkids.

Be blessed.  Ciao for now.  Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, Partnering with Italy for Christ