Testimony From Danilo
September 2013

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Dear Guy,

I am pleased to receive your news knowing that I have become part of your network of emerging leaders that you are mentoring and equipping.

I take this opportunity to share a brief testimony about the success of how the work you are doing on us leaders is blessed and guided by the Lord.

In fact some time ago I wanted to thank you for the inspired weekly messages of “Manna” which often reaches us at the right time, encouraging and forging me significantly.

This morning praying specifically on some thoughts arising as a result of the last message you sent, I was asking the Lord to meet the need for caring and training in the field of LEADERSHIP, reminding myself of how your training has stimulated and deeply changed me as a leader.

In fact, asking the Lord to provide other opportunities to spend some time together, I opened and welcomed your email about the Life training you have scheduled in February 2014, thus finding the answer to my prayer.

Unfortunately the situation of Italian churches is hard to improve, and despite all our efforts, we face profound gaps and thick walls along our journey.

Today more than ever we need strong guides and experiences that help us find and restore the path before us to create sincere and interested relationships that allow us to build a network of expertise and professionalism that can make a difference in this country.

Renewing my availability to learn and work with you, I am looking forward to our next conference to grow and deepen my knowledge as a leader.


Dear partners, this is why we continue to strive to reach so many throughout all of Italy, in hopes that one day these thick walls will melt into the Love of Christ. Thank you for helping us for each one, reach one!