Dear Italy for Christ Partners,

Just like America unselfishly helped free Europe from Evil and Suffering in the Second World War, today we must do the same to save souls. Indifference to this cry for help could produce catastrophic results! Let us reach those whom the Lord puts in our path.


The net has been thrown now help us pull it!


The near term goals are focused in youth programs that are now open and available to us in the public schools where we can shape the next generation with the values of the gospel. We measure this with our events in the public schools and our influence in the department of public education of the Italian State.

The project we are developing and putting into action is called ART CONTEXT.

It is a project that the Education department of public schools in Sicily has allowed us to develop. High school students will have a chance to produce an artistic drawing on 12 Bible stories and be judged by a jury of expert authorities. The winners will have their drawings published in a worldwide web page and an ongoing itinerant viewing of those drawings will be shown in schools and city halls. During the showings the magazine My Story with testimonies of young people transformed by the gospel, will be distributed making the exposition an ongoing evangelistic event, which will represent an incredible evangelistic tool for all churches!

The long term goal is, as just stated, to resource churches with this evangelistic tool to touch an incredible number of students right where they are with a relevant presentation of the gospel done by young people. In November 2014 we will have an European gathering of youth leaders coming from 22 nations in order to equip them to do the same in their countries. We hope to see an unprecedented harvest of souls among young people in the schools all over Europe!

Also we have started on a regular basis new churches led by young leaders that we have developed especially in Sicily and the Naples regions. The churches in Sicily are very much involved also with the humanitarian efforts to help tens of thousands immigrants coming from North Africa and the Middle East, very open to the preaching of the gospel!

This current invasion and entrance of unprecedented refugees entering through Italy has placed us in the heart of an opportunity to aid and embrace and introduce Christ to flow of hungry hearts in their journey to freedom.


Your support is a blessing to a Nation AND beyond.

We hope you will enjoy these latest reports.

May the Lord richly bless you and your family,

Betsy – Italy for Christ

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