August 2023 Newsletter


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Greetings from up north Michigan! As I watch the calm Lake Huron for a couple more days, I ask myself: where has the summer gone?

Most of us have experienced a very different summer: fires all over with lots of people displaced and some losing loved ones. I hope that you took time to pray. I did. Even most of Europe has gone through a lot and high temperatures continue to make this summer a displeasing one.

But we know that God is in control even in our most difficult circumstances. Time with family has been precious, and knowing that the Collesanos will be grandparents again made this summer special. Lots of happenings for sure. Preaching, sharing His Word, praying, and receiving blessings. Currently we are praying for the Hamiltons, who have started the support raising for their ministry in Sicily with Act Now Ministries. Keep on praying that God is in control for this too.

A very different summer for sure but we are thankful that wherever we are, we can shine His light. From the picture that you will see, a busy summer and a busy fall is at our doorstep, so keep praying.

Again, we were contacted about the impact in the prisons in Catania. Giuseppe will bring more material in many languages to reach people like Kenneth who is making a plea not to be left alone, knowing that he needs to pay his debt to society. Wherever we have been, our presence has left, and continues to leave, a mark. Lots of opportunities await us once back in Sicily and our partners in Italy. Do keep praying.

Giuseppe has some more meetings in a few churches before he returns to Sicily. Some of you he has seen; some in the weeks ahead. We ask you to pray for strength, health and guidance for the ones that have made a commitment to serve alongside ANM. Keep praying.

We again thank you for your faithful support in prayer, giving, and some of you in coming overseas in the months ahead. Your commitment continues making a difference. A few names that you can bring to the throne of grace: Francesco, Enrico, Cristina, Kenneth, Mario, Antonio, Alessandro, Giuseppe, and the refugees that still are coming. This past week, 6,000 arrived with nowhere to go. Lots of political changes and the burden for Italy has increased. Keep praying.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
God bless you as you make His light shine where you are.
Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano
Ciao for now.