January 2024 Newsletter

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Greetings from Michigan! It’s very cold here and no snow. We hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. It seems that it went by way too fast. Giuseppe left Sicily on the 15th of December for the holidays and family time. God has been at work in a great way during these past few months and we expect even more in the new year.

Your prayers and support are visibly evident by the many churches that have requested our help in Sicily, Napoli and beyond. One thing at a time. December started with a bang — a real bang. Mt. Etna woke up feisty on the afternoon of the second of December. Giuseppe was in Catania with the other Giuseppe Lachina for ministry. While driving turning a corner, there it was: the volcano in all its majesty, entertaining all with a display of power and in some way fright. Giuseppe C calls all that “ tourist lava”. Up close, it is really frightening. Some sent messages if there was danger; not really. It lasted till the wee hours of the morning, then all was quiet.

With your help, we were able to help our co-worker Giulio in a couple of events in feeding the homeless and an event at the children’s hospital in Palermo. Giuseppe C’s dentist in Troy, Michigan has been supporting the ministry by donating toothbrushes and toothpaste by the hundreds for these events, for prison ministry and more. We also provided a bunch of traditional Panettoni, a Christmas cake for dessert for the two dinners held in Palermo. Giulio wants to say Grazie (thank you) for giving to Act Now Ministries.

As always, we do not miss a beat and with the help of others, share His Word wherever we go. Thank you. Giuseppe flew out of Catania to go to Instabul, Turkey, and from there took an 11-hour flight to Detroit on the 15th on a full plane. Thinking that all would be boring during the flight with a couple next to him that slept most of the way, nothing was happening. But God’s plan was at work. What a privilege to share with three Muslim stewards because Giuseppe was wearing a bracelet with the Four signs.

He was approached and told “what a nice bracelet you have!”. Glad you asked. God is good. The gospel was presented and received very well at 38,000 feet. If we meet, I will share with you how easy it was to share with someone of a very different religion. He made three new friends; the Holy Spirit will continue His work. Thanks for praying. God is good.

Between some influenza and other hiccups, God’s blessing came to refresh all of our family on Dec 19. Aaron G was born to Giuseppe’s and Pennie’s daughter Cristina, their seventh grandchild. God is good. All is good. We get to go and visit, after a bout with influenza, our newest addition mid-January.

All of you continue to be a great blessing and we are so grateful to share how God has made all this possible. Thank you. When we look into Jesus, the future is bright.

As always: Let’s go fishing (really) for one more for the One.
God bless you and keep you in this new year.
Serving together, Giuseppe and Pennie Collesano, President Act Now Ministries, Inc.
Ciao for now.