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August 2023 Newsletter Click Here for PDF Newsletter Greetings from up north Michigan! As I watch the calm Lake Huron for a couple more days, I ask myself: where has the summer gone? Most of us have experienced a very different summer: fires all over with lots of people displaced and some losing loved ones. … Read more

July 2023 Newsletter Click Here for PDF Newsletter Greetings to you all friends and partners of Act Now Ministries. We hope you had a blessed Fourth of July and also a great start to your summer. Let’s pray about these fires that are affecting so many in our country. The smoke has arrived in Europe … Read more

June Newsletter 2023 Click Here for PDF Newsletter Greetings to all of you brothers and sisters who pray every day for the ministry of ANM. Thank you for your part in building the kingdom of God. We are now in Michigan for a supporter’s wedding and spending time with family and you all. Lots to … Read more

May 2023 Newsletter Click Here for PDF Newsletter Greetings from Sicily, dear partners in the ministry of Act Now Ministries. We thank you for your prayers and support for the ongoing spreading of the Word of God here and beyond the island. God is good. It has been a trying month even though His blessings … Read more

April 2023 Newsletter Click Here for PDF Newsletter Greetings from Sicily and thank you for praying for the ministry here. After settling in Belpasso, Giuseppe started the process for recognizing Act Now Ministries as a not-for-profit. The papers have been filed and we expect to have them soon. Thanks for praying. As you well know, we … Read more

March 2023 Newsletter Click Here for PDF Newsletter Greetings to you all from rainy Sicily. It was a long flight, but Giuseppe made it back to Sicily and Belpasso. Last Sunday, he was supposed to preach at Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church, but the ice storm had other plans. About a half million people were without … Read more

Isaac Testimonial In 2008 my trial began, and in 2009 the police arrested a friend of mine,I was already a believer. When I appear in front of the judge, I will bring my Bible with me. That day I was reading my Bible and waiting for an audience with the judge. While I waited my … Read more

Mattia Bua Testimonial Mattia Bua: In June 2021 I was visiting someone that knows I call brother in Christ, Jean Pierre.There there was another believer with us, Pietro ( Peter); it was Pietro that asked me if I would like to let Jesus Christ into my heart. Did not take much time to make me … Read more

February 2023 Newsletter Good morning and thank you for all you do for Act Now Ministries. We hope this letter finds you well and active in serving our Lord and Savior. We are doing fine in this cold winter; it’s beautiful because of the snow here in Michigan. Time is approaching fast for Giuseppe, our … Read more

January 2023 Newsletter Greetings to you, our friends and partners of the ministry in Sicily, Italy. We pray and hope that your Christmas was a blessed day filled with the remembrance of the precious gift from above to us. It is a privilege to be able to serve with you all overseas. In those two … Read more