God for sure Is Faithful and we are thankful to have friends like you that pray for us, because prayer is effectual. Currently I am in the States with my family during a time of grief. Pennie’s dad went with the Lord on July 23. He was a very influential man and a to-do-man, especially … Read more


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As the Lord continues to open doors for IFC to share the gospel of Christ in this generation, we consider it such a blessing to be able to stretch His hands and feet to areas open to the gospel, craving the right direction, especially in areas that have been critical to bringing back His word to areas divided by war. Please enjoy these comments of those hearts and lives touched because of your prayers and support.

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#32 Click Here For Our Report With Images ITALY OCTOBER 2014 What a wonderful appointment for Italy to have had both Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward who arrived Friday October 3rd to hold two conferences on leadership, one in Rome and the other in Naples. New York Times best-selling authors, the two American writers on … Read more

#33 Click Here For Our Report With Images SEPTEMBER 2014 We serve an Awesome God. This is a statement that needs no explanation. He uses us even when we think that because our resources are low it cannot be done, He does great things. We can also say that because of our awesome partners that … Read more

Dear Italy for Christ Partners, Just like America unselfishly helped free Europe from Evil and Suffering in the Second World War, today we must do the same to save souls. Indifference to this cry for help could produce catastrophic results! Let us reach those whom the Lord puts in our path. NOW IS THE TIME! … Read more

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JUNE 2014

The main target for a leader is to multiply him/herself and mentor new emerging leaders. This has been the thrust of IFC in the past few years.

Equip, encourage and open opportunities to lead has created new partnership with hungry young leaders who have come up to the challenge in the area of planting new churches, youth ministries, evangelism and Christian literature.

The youth has always been treated as a less important ministry compared to the senior matters of the church. For us at IFC is the contrary. We have been investing in emerging leaders because they know better how to influence their generation that must be reached today and not tomorrow.

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With only a 10 day notice what a magnificent time they had! When a great team from the University found out that their plans to go to northern Italy for evangelism were squashed the hunt was on for help. BOH who was working with them suggested they get ahold of Gaetano and Italy for Christ, which they did.  Of course Gaetano said of course we will help and you will be a blessing to us!

And so Gaetano called his dear friend Francesco who immediately agreed and received the team with only 10 days’ notice. They were waiting outside the school to distribute La Mia Storia. Through it all, the team experienced lots of love and lots of teaching about being a missionary.

Below I hope you will enjoy reading the great reports from some of them!

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What a wonderful blessing it was to become a part of this wonderful leadership team that we are preparing to bring to Italy. Our trip up north to Columbus was beyond expectation.

We were truly moved by the leadership of this amazing team and their love for all that is good, encouraging and complete. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s heart to improve people’s lives in the eight primary categories of LIFE Leadership, called the 8 F’s, Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Freedom, Friends Following, and Fun was evident in everything that everyone shared.

Every speaker that shared was so powerful and designed to provide ongoing doses of life-changing information to help form new habits over time. This approach to personal development is so effective. There are no limits to what your can accomplish.

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CLICK HERE for the full report with pictures It is always exciting to share about a baptism service but this one in Naples was a special one! It was held in the newborn church started a few days before Christmas 2013 led by pastor Marco Palma and his young team. Pastor Marco is one of … Read more

CLICK HERE for the full report with pictures By IFC and ONEHOPE THE RENAISSANCE PROJECT – Italy Arts Program Aim The arts have been an important part of Italian culture for hundreds of years. Much like today’s inventive technology, the Renaissance was a time of great thinking and innovation. We want to cultivate a second Renaissance—a … Read more